Discipline with Courage and Kindness 3.0 SPECIAL OFFER

Discipline with Courage and Kindness 3.0 SPECIAL OFFER

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This new and revised version of Meg's flagship course teaches Parents of all walks of life the strategies they will need to discipline their children effectively and get the long term outcomes they want.

This course features ALL-NEW content from Meg, never before seen videos, and answers to some of the most common and most puzzling questions that parents have about discipline.

Course contents include:

  • Module 1: Choose to be Authoritative & Always Have a Plan
  • Module 2: Shift Your Parenting Perspective
  • Module 3: Apply the Four Principles of Healthy Discipline
  • Module 4: Know Where You Are & Where You're Going
  • Module 5: Effectively Correct Bad Behavior
  • Module 6: Create Positive Moments & Build Great Character
  • 30 Discipline Guides
  • Bonus content from Dave Ramsey, Leonard Sax, April Perry, and more!